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The process

The cultivation process consists of a cycle of five or six weeks in which two or three flights are harvested. The cycle starts by filling the ‘beds’ of a mushroom cell (an isolated, enclosed space) with incubated compost, which is then covered with a layer of casing soil.

A mushroom doubles in size every day. As soon as the first mushrooms are ready to harvest, around 3 weeks after the initial filling of the beds, the first flush can be picked.

Every day the largest mushrooms are harvested so that the smaller ones get space to grow. After the first flush, the beds are sprayed again with water to provide sufficient moisture for a second and/or third flush.

After cultivation, the used compost – also known as champost – is used for agricultural purposes. After cleaning, the room can be reused.

Districhamp NV is a very environmentally-friendly company. Solar panels, heat recovery, heat pumps and advanced climate units ensure responsible use of energy.

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